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Certified Santa International Proclamation and Creed

Contract For Real Bearded and Designer
Bearded Santas, Staff and Entertainers

The Following Contracts as a Real and Designer Bearded Santa’s and Other types of performers and Artist is as followed.

WEE/CSI or Whitaker Entertainment Enterprises, and Certified Santa international contacts as a 1099 or W-9 contract the following Person or persons agree that WEE/CSI does not hold back any federal, State or City, or County Taxes from Sub-Contractor.
Person or persons to engage in Contract.



Time/Date ______________________________________

Int. _____________

The follow contact as a Performer or Real, Designer Bearded Santa starting on Date____________ and ill continue throughout the year 20_____ to 20______ and must complete a full Training and updated background check on or before the end of September of following year.
This is both a State and Federal man date for all performer to meet or they will not be able to purchase Liability Insurance which is required by all Agent Providers.
Once those persons or person meets this requirement and signs a WEE/CSI Performers Creed Policies and procedures. He or she is consider a part of the team fir one full year upon completion of Training for New Year.
It’s is also required that the performer have his or her Suites and  necessary equipment to perform in his or her profession.
Names and Companies  that WEE/CSI does business with will be provided to performer if they need to purchase such tools of the trade.

You are as a contractor and dba are subject  to the non compete clause of using any such products, services or intellectual tools of WEE/CSI or its affiliate such as WDE or WEE/CARE Family Health Education Foundation Fund, a 501-C3 Charity and will be subject to all fines and courts costs if found guilty on such charges.

WE are in the business of Entertainment throughout the year to charities, School Boards, Grammar to Middle, and High and various other higher state collages and Universities.
We ate the Company with the can do attitude, and the slogan of WEE put the Fun into Entertainment and the Kris Kringle For All Seasons.

We reserve the right to uphold all Children’s, Adult’s and Animal Rights and have no tolerance for abuse of any kind. You will be dismissed from your duties and will be fined up to $1.500.00 for each fine if found guilty.

Our main purpose and desire is to give the public the very best in Full Entertainment and see all such matters are dealt with in a timely manner. Please be advised we do not put up with fowl language, or cussing of any kind on the Sets or Mall Sets. 
We believe in Full arbitration as necessary to settle any and all disputes.
We are a fully licensed LLC doing business as Whitaker Entertainment Enterprises, dba Certified Santa International and hold all County, State, City and Federal licenses.
We are the only go to Entertainment Company that provides a full spectrum of Entertainment, from Radio, T.V. Movies, Shoots, and The full Music and Arts. We are the most with the most of everything Entertainment

This contract is signed before a Notary or witness this day of ______________________ 20____

And Stephen C. Whitaker Sr.
President/CEO of WEE/CSI 



Property of WEE/CSI and WEE/CARE/ Family Health and Education Foundation Fund a 501-c3 Charity.!!!

Copyright 2021 Whitaker Entertainment Enterprises

Letter to My Brothers and Sisters

My Dear Brothers and Sisters of Entertainment Art’s, Music, Dance and Theater it is time to Unite are self’s as one body one mind, and heart to be as a group of Artist to let the World know we care for the Arts and entertainment to be as one untied to bring about the total joy, happiness of our art form and Industry to the world. Without fear of such Companies and providers taken advantage of us.
After several years of abuse and neglect from various types of people in this industry, who think it is there place to neglect and abuse trust and honesty of working together for a reason to bring about a cause of good in developing a united front to rid ourselves and generations of people and Corporations who feel they can overrun their bullish, ways and means and take advantage of us as Artist and Entertainers.
We propose a measure to see we have a standard of operations to meet these guidelines to the Photo Providers and Property owners of Mall and businesses who have neglected to negotiate and communicate openly and honestly in doing what is write for the good of our art form and Industry. Therefore I purpose a Consortium of United Artist and Entertainers Nationwide and worldwide to finally stop this abuse and neglect by these Photo providers, Property owners of established Malls and business to take advantage of our rights to bring about peace, order, trust, and equity back to this industry as a whole, and once and for all bring order and a standard of operations to this Industry once and for all.
We the people of Entertainment in all its variety proclaim these rights under the name of United Santa’s Artist Association of America. USAAOA or USAA/OA and forming a world organization of the world under the name of USAAOTW or USAA/OTW which world stand for United Santa’s Artist Association of the World. However we state the name, it will be under the standard and bylaws we unite to bring about a constitution of Artist rights to see we are never taken advantage, and once and for all make it a practice to abide by these rules and regulations for a better aver all experience of the Joy, happiness and Magic we as Artist bring to this Industry as a whole. We as Artist and Entertainers believe that by setting these standards will finally rid ourselves of these type of Companies and individuals who feel they can continue taking advantage of these practices.
It is On this day of ______________ 20___ That we as a body untied as Real Bearded Santa’s, Artist and Entertainers bring about a Standard of bylaws and practices to govern and protect these rights once and for all.

My suggestions are that we as a united front of Entertainers and Artist set 10 standards that will be used for all Companies wanting to do business with our organization.
I hope you all will see what I have come to realize that we need order and standard to see we are all treated honestly and above all fairly in providing the quality of our performance and ability to the masses of people we serve.
Sincerely Always
Santa Stephen C. Whitaker

Whitaker Entertainment Enterprises L.L.C. D.B.A. Certified Santas International and, Operation Procedures.

Santa & All Concerned WEE/CSI/WDE Distributors and WEE/CARE Family Health & Education Foundation Fund a 501(c3) full Charity.!!!

Operations and Procedure Manual for the WEE/CSI/WDE as it pertains to the working with Community, City’s and County's as well as Family’s, Corporate. I and other retailers and wholesalers as it pertains to Restaurants and Retail food and Clothing Stores.

Part A-1 It is important that each person being brought on as a Distributor, Sales, Marketing and Sales are fully aware that you are a Sub-Contractor W/9 Company, as such you will be required to Sales Tax business licenses as necessary to be in full operations as a  independent Distributor for WEE/CSI. All such Taxes due will be the total responsibility of Distributors and will be given a W/9 at end of Fiscal Year.

Part A-2 WEE/CSI is in the business of Providing Full Entertainment of all types of Corporate, Community, Family, and Special Events for Yearly, Holiday, and Charity Fund raising events for the WEE/CARE Family Health & Education Foundation. fund which will be the Charity Arm of WEE/CSI/ WDE everything that will be done in sales, Commissions will be donated to the Charity Cause a certain contributions will be given to see we create a Community Fund to raise funds to better the over all needs of Health and Education in the Community.

1. All such funds raised will be over seen by a staff of management, and board of Directors that will see moneys are distributed as needed for the benefit of the person Child Family or desired Community event that the Board of Directors sees necessary to contribute to.

2. All Proceeds and funds earned from a event or personal contributions will be distributed as necessary, at the close of said events. It will be necessary that all such Business or persons wishing to be a business selling such merchandise, food or clothing in the WEE/CSI All Seasons Store will contribute a fee of 15% of retail sales as his or her payment for spaced rendered for such goods and services.

3. Each Business, Restaurant Food, or dry goods Company are responsible for all their own retail sales and payment of such Employees and Taxes of business.
WEE/CSI is a subcontractor and is responsible for its own people and not vendors or business.
Every company, Vendor and associates will abide by the code of professional conduct which will be the responsibility of each owner.

4. We reserve the right to show respect to each and ever customer.

5. If ever a Arbitration is necessary as a reason of concern for benefit of contracted Vendor, or business they will be treated with respect and honesty as well as see we have a legal Notary sign and witness all contracts. 

Part B -1 All such monies owed for Vendor space will be required at first day of Month or day of written Contract

Part B-2. As the Growth of WEE/CSI/WDE and the Charity grows we will contribute to a area Health and Education fund that will be distributed annually

Copyright 2021 Whitaker Entertainment Enterprises, L.L.C.

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